The Pretty Farmer


Thank you for joining me! Although this is not my first blog, I have not written publicly in quite a bit of time. I used to in London when I was sick and needed a distraction.

Well, a big Hello! My name is Alex and I am a Beekeeper; mother of three beautiful kids ages 10, 13 and 15yrs; owner of 6 dogs; a farmer to 12 chickens (soon to be 21), caretaker to 3 chicken coops; a gardener to beautiful vegetables; pruner to 20 fruit trees; and I am The Pretty Farmer. It’s a bit conceited, I know, but you have to describe yourself somehow, right? Why not pretty?

I gave myself this title by watching a friend at a local farmers market a few years ago. She’s also a farmer, local and down the street from me in a Dogwood tree-lined suburban, manicured roads, private schools in abundance and Range-Rovers everywhere neighborhood. But she has a real farm with over 400 chickens, acres of fruit trees and a vegetable garden that could supply Bobby Flay’s restaurants for a month!

One day I saw her at the market, in her booth, wearing a crisp white fitted button down shirt, pressed Gucci jeans and Coco Chanel rubber rain boots. My first thought was ‘How’s she gonna stay clean all day?’ Then I asked myself, ‘Why do we have to wear ugly clothes doing something we love and not look fabulous doing it?’ So….the next market I wore my beautiful flower hat with a Chrystal pave Bumblebee pendant with silk flowers, white jeans, and a black and white striped JCrew t-shirt…so here I am…The Pretty Farmer.



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