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Hello Friends –

I rarely do this, but I am writing about 2 companies that really stand out within the Beekeeping world and a brand garden ‘must-have’ you eventually will never live without – The GROWOYA.

I rarely name resources but these 2 were indispensable within my journey this Spring/Summer, they are well worth passing on to you all!

PLEASE UNDERSTAND – I am NOT getting anything from these mentions – at all! These are 2 companies I have developed relationships with and love love love their products!

First, looking for a Beekeeper who knows his ‘SHIT‘? Featured a few years back and named the ‘Bee Whisperer’ of CT is Mike Rice from Mike’s Beehives. I have met quite a few people in this industry and was so blown away by not only his understandings of the Bee, but his handmade QUALITY equipment he manufactures in his garage in Roxbury, CT.

Mike holds three patents on 3 new devices for the survival of bees during tough times, i.e. Winter and early Spring. I have purchased and tried 2 of them, I am waiting for the third in which I will install in November to give my bees a better chance to proper winterization in the Northeast of the United States.

His website is and his email is Remember, there is no such thing as a dumb question. We all want to do our part in the survival of this fantastic animal and he knows the way!

Second, is GROWOYA. Think of them as miracle vessels in your garden. They are clay pots that get buried between your plants. Simple as that. However, have you ever left your home for a long weekend and forgot to water your herbs and tomatoes? Here is the simple solution.

Slowly releasing water within the soil where they are planted, these clay devices save water, ease the pain of even remembering if you even watered the plants, and are tech savvy they’ll be the conversation of any garden party! They come in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Costs vary between $24.95 to $39.95. They are worth every penny!!! My basil plants have tripled in size in just 2 weeks!

If you do visit or speak to their representatives, please tell them Alex from The Park City Honey Co. says they ROCK!


The Pretty Farmer / Alexandra Wallace-Currie

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