Convenience Says…


Summer is officially here in the Northeast. I live in CT and we have been swamped with rain more so than we are used to. So when you have a cloud-free beach day to commit to, convenience of planning is key.

For a long day at the beach the list that we usually make, besides securing the beach parking permit, are as follows:

  • recliner chairs for mom and dad
  • beach towels and sandals
  • toys and games
  • beach mats
  • sunblock
  • a tent/umbrella
  • a cooler for refreshments and food

But there is one thing a lot of people assume will be available at public beaches and those are the public tables. I personally cannot not plan my day around ‘availability’ and quarreling over who was there first. So if I can bring my own, I will.

Introducing the portable Table In A Bag. This is not new news, they do already exist! However, I have never come across one that is remotely tastefully designed and specifically for small claimed beach sandy areas! Remember the hotter and clearer the forecast, the busier the beach. Who wants to fight over tanning territory – certainly not me!

This little Builder-Bob contraption requires no tools for assembly! Just screw the pieces in and you are good to dine or even play Gin Rummy accompanied with a fabulous cheese platter and wine! It can even go to Europe without notice. I see castles in the Loire Valley, with fruit, baguettes, fatty unsalted butter and proper French Tarte-Tatin. Well, don’t you?

It’s so easy your kids will be convinced it’s the beach necessity and requirement for all beach days out! Even try a day out in the countryside, they’ll live for food in flowering pastures!

Featured on Food52.com, it’s going for $49 in natural and natural grey, in wide or narrow. Get these while they are here. Like a Bed Bath & Beyond featured product, they’re gone when they are gone! The price is too good to be true!

Have a great day out!

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