In The Chicken Coop

Want To Start Raising Backyard Chickens? Meet Becky First…

Thinking about raising your very own chickens? I have to say I have had chickens for about 2 months now and they are so fun to watch, interact with and collect eggs from! My chickens are providing me with enjoyment and even some emotional therapy. When I have a bad day, seriously, I just go down to their coop which instantly brings me joy. They are the funniest animals. ‘Red’ who is a New Hampshire Red Chicken, meets me at the door, follows me around, pecks at my painted toes and my bracelets when I lean over to fill the feeder or watering cans. Right now, she’s my love!

Of course this is a new project for me. I had been thinking of chickens right after I became a Beekeeper but felt it was too much to handle all at once. So here we are, 4 1/2 years later with chickens! I now have 19 chickens – 12 older ones which are starting to lay. The other 7 are small birds, kept in a smaller, fenced off coop. This keeps them safe from the others because of their age. The ‘Pecking Order’ – which means a social hierarchy – literally does exist within a chicken coop and I personally don’t want to see it or find out what happens with Chicken Bullying!

At night, when everyone starts to tuck in, I start pinning on, Googling, and researching ways to keep my chickens¬†healthy, happy, entertained, and above all else, laying – hopefully all will start soon! One on-line character I have come across is Becky from Becky’s Homestead. She’s a Homesteader. She’s quirky, nice to listen to and watch. Her knowledge is pretty good, I find, so it’s not hard for me to follow her. She makes raising chickens sound fun, interesting and not necessarily a challenge like most large chicken yard Farmers will make it out to be. If you are raising and growing your own food, it’s always nice to have a Youtube video at your fingertips to help – even at 1 am!

Thinking about raising chickens I ask? Watch Becky, she’s fabulous!

Direct link to 3 Quick Tips to Raising Backyard Chickens.




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