Is It Time To Start Planting Seedlings?


So, it’s almost time to start planting your seedlings. Seedlings are basically the starter plant for your Spring/Summer vegetable and fruit garden(s). You can purchase older plants from local nurseries if this step scares you but you should try it at least once to know how the process goes.

A seedling calendar goes according to your Zone or area of the United States. For instance, I live in CT and my zone is 7. That indicates what flourishes in my area so I don’t waste my time on temperate plants or even trees like Avocado and Fig. They are just too fussy, you have to drag them inside when the temps start falling below 50F!

In CT, local nurseries usually suggest planting your growing seedlings the day after Mother’s Day in May. This way you will have had the last frost under your belt. However, across the United States, especially in Southern States, the calendar could be far more open to plant all year round.

So, according to the CT seedling calendar, here is what you should be planting in a few weeks:


Now the next calendar will help you for end of frost dates according to towns/cities near you. Click link below.

This Spring/Summer, I plan to plant tomatoes, jalapeños, beets, bell peppers, cucumbers, and all sorts of herbs like oregano, thyme, rosemary, and basil. I am staying away from lettuces, I have no confidence of my watering skills. Maybe next year!

Happy planting!

The Pretty Farmer!

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Next Blog will cover Companion Gardening – this covers ways to use plants as natural insecticides and more!

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