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Updated Version of Grow Shelves!



*Hello Friends – so I’ve updated my grow shelves! Click on links below to get a grow shelf and seeds all for under $100!!!!

Grow light shelves & Lights:
Lights – they’re great b/c they have both blue and red lights. Get zip ties to tie them down
Shoe rack:
Seedling trays:
Try to get seeds from another healthier seed source – non-GMO. Try Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds at
I keep the grow lights on from about 8am to about 7-8pm.
I cannot wait to re-plant my herbs and veggies! Waiting for Mother Nature to settle down. Am in CT so they suggest re-planting after Mother’s Day. I am currently growing Basil, Oregano, Cilantro, Cucumbers and Glass Corn – looking forward to tasting that!
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